Spelling Bee Wrap Up

While the Wii Bowling playoffs and championship games were being bowled, AALC’s statewide championship Spelling Bee competition was taking place next door.   Twelve teams made it to the finals, however, Eden Supportive Living’s Wordplay had to bow out before the games began.  On day one, the following 11 teams were battling for a spot in the Final Four:

  • Prairie Bees - Prairie Living at Chautauqua
  • Bee Witched - Cambridge House of Maryville
  • Spellbound - Cambridge House of O'Fallon
  • Bee Happy - Heritage Woods of Rockford
  • Spellebrate - Mary Bryant Home for the Blind
  • Wordsters - Heritage Woods of Batavia
  • Deer Path Stingers - Deer Path Supportive Living
  • Spellabrate - St. Anthony of Lansing
  • Queen Bees - Springfield Supportive Living
  • Honey Bees - John Evans Supportive Living
  • Galewood Golden Bees – Victory Centre in Galewood

A fierce competition ensued between the teams.  In fact, the competition was so tough that we had five teams going into the playoffs.  The Deer Path Stingers, Spellebrate of Mary Bryant, Prairie Bees from Prairie Living at Chautauqua, Victory Centre of Galewood's Golden Bees and Spellabrate from St. Anthony of Lansing were all vying for a spot in the Final Four!

The word “betroth” determined the Final Four teams with the Deer Path Stingers, Mary Bryant’s Spellebrate, Prairie Bees and Spellabrate from St. Anthony all moving forward to the state championship finals the next day.

On June 1, in a very spirited competition, the four teams went head to head and several rounds before a winner was crowned.  Without missing a single word during the entire competition, the Prairie Living at Chautauqua’s Prairie Bees took home the State Championship title! 

Rounding out the top 4 were the Deer Path Stingers taking second place, Spellebrate of Mary Bryant taking third and Spellabrate from St. Anthony of Lansing rounding out the top four.  The winning word?  “Farrier”.

The Deer Path Stingers won the award for best team name.

Congratulations to all of the teams traveling to Springfield to compete! We’re already looking forward to the 2018 competitions!

Spelling Bee Certificate