Supportive Living Week 2018 is almost here and we’re excited about what this year has to offer! We have activities planned from early February through June to help us celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors and individuals with disabilities within our Supportive Living communities. Each year, in honor of Supportive Living, we like to come up with a theme to tailor our activities around. Last year’s theme, “Happiness is Ageless,” showcased the many things Supportive Living communities do each day to ensure their residents are happy – mind, body and soul!

This year, we are highlighting our diverse community and the numerous experiences and talent of our residents with the theme, “A Colorful Life.”

We realize everyone has a different story and a different past. Our diversity is what makes us interesting and keeps life filled with the unexpected. We may all come from different backgrounds but we all can unite to create a Supportive Living community filled with beauty, fun, happiness and friendships.

As a way of emphasizing our theme, “A Colorful Life,” we will hold a coloring contest for our statewide activity. We’ll have three large format posters that communities can choose from to color in as a group - deciding amongst themselves what coloring instruments they want to use and how they want their finished project to look. Finished posters will then be displayed at the State Capitol as a bright and eye - catching display. When viewed together, each poster, although exactly alike in their uncolored format, will have a unique look, further emphasizing how different we all are, and how we can all come together to create a beautiful work of art. The project will provide communities an opportunity to work together to create something bright, colorful and uniquely individual – just like each resident.

We hope you’ll take part in our activities as we celebrate SL 2018! Throughout the months leading up to Supportive Living Week we’ll have teams competing to go to the Wii Bowling finals, we’ll have residents playing Flashback Trivia in an effort to become State Champions, we’ll visit the Capitol to meet with elected officials, and more. However you decide to participate, know that you’re helping us show the general public and elected officials how Supportive Living plays an important role in the lives of our residents. Together we can demonstrate to everyone, that it is indeed, “A Colorful Life.”

I encourage every community to take part in the activities we have outlined throughout this Tool Kit. If you have questions, let us know. We look forward to seeing how each community celebrates our theme this year. It is indeed “A Colorful Life!”

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