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2016 Celebrate SL Wii Bowling Championship

We are expecting well over 90 teams to register in the 7th Annual Tournament and compete to unseat last year’s champs, the Bowling Brooks of Heritage Woods Bolingbrook. In 2015, the Final Four teams included the Bowling Brooks who squared off against the Heritage Woodsmen of Heritage Woods of Charleston, the Rowdy Rollers of Glenwood Supportive Living (from Greenville, IL), and the Prairie Pin Heads of Prairie Living at Chautauqua (from Carbondale, IL). Let’s see who will strike out to make the Final Four in 2016!

2016 Complete Wii Bowling Schedule
1/29/16 - Team Registration Deadline
2/29/16 - Regular Wii Bowling Season Begins
4/25/16 - 5/12/16 - Regional Wii Bowling Playoffs
6/1/16 - Top 4 Wii Bowling Teams Compete
6/2/16 - Wii Bowling Championship

Later Event: July 14
AALC Board Meeting