AALC Advocacy Kit
This Advocacy Action Kit has been created by AALC to spearhead a grassroots advocacy effort for our Supportive Living (SL) communities.  Now more than ever, our communities are being threatened by a series of cuts, putting many residents at risk.  SL communities will be faced with losing residents, jobs, and even facing closure.  Governor Rauner and your local elected officials need to hear how their cuts will have a negative impact on Supportive Living in Illinois.

SL Fact Sheet
A one-page document that highlights key reasons AALC opposes the proposed rate cut and DON score increase.

Why Endanger Supportive Living Fact Sheet
Fact sheet that outlines the dangers the proposed cuts would cause to the Supportive Living Program.

DON Score Increase Fact Sheet
An explanation of how the DON score increase would leave 47% of SL residents homeless.

Letter to the Governor - DON Score Increase
Letter template to write the Governor regarding the proposed DON Score increase. 

Legislative Outreach letter
Letter template to write elected officials regarding saving Supportive Living from cuts.

Letter to the Editor
Letter template that SL communities can use to raise awareness for the Supportive Living Program.

Advocacy Action Poster - "We Need Your Help"
Advocacy Action Poster - "Protect Our Community" 

Advocacy Action Postcard - Front of card
Advocacy Action Postcard - Back of card

Estimating Annual Cost Impact from Cuts
Use this chart to determine the impact of cuts for your legislative visits, letters,posters and postcards. For those sites with information not available, use your latest 2014 Cost Report (which you have and we do not) and compute:annual Medicaid bed days x cut per day estimate for your HSA. Necessary information is listed on the second worksheet.

SL Legislative Chart
Chart listing all SL communities and their State Representative and State Senator

Basic Rules for Lobbying
List of the top 10 rules for effective lobbying

Lobbying by Personal Visit
Tips for how to prepare for your meeting with your legislator

Legislative Thank You Letter
Template letter to send to the legislator after a visit

Illinois General Assembly Website
Contains a list of legislators with contact Information 

Facebook TimeLine Photo - Help Protect SL!