Each year, we look forward to the launch of our Photo & Testimonial Contest. We receive hundreds of photos capturing the true essence of what Supportive Living (SL) is all about.  We hear stories of what SL means to residents and family members.  We see the success of Supportive Living in the photos of friends laughing, sharing special moments, playing games and living a healthy, active life. Each entry we receive should demonstrate the important role Supportive Living plays in the lives of Illinois’ seniors and individuals with disabilities, and reinforce what we’ve always known: Supportive Living = Healthy  & Happy Living.

This year, help AALC capture the essence of SL by participating in our “A Colorful Life” photo and testimonial contest.  We’re looking for entries that showcase how seniors and individuals with disabilities are living the Supportive Living lifestyle - a lifestyle filled with happy moments.  Whether participating in physical fitness activities or cooking with friends, volunteering, creating art or singing, we want to see what your residents are doing that brings them joy.

So get your camera out and your pencil ready! It’s time to start capturing life in your residence and then share your moments with the rest of the SL family during the 2018 “A Colorful Life” photo and testimonial contest!

Photo Contest Overview
Your photo entries should capture the spirit of Supportive Living and demonstrate the many things you do to bring your residents happiness and help them live “A Colorful Life.”

  • Residents taking a field trip to a local park to hike.

  • Residents participating in activities that bring them joy.

  • Residents taking part in arts and crafts, music, dancing and more!

Testimonial Contest Overview
Each testimonial entry should describe how Supportive Living has helped residents lead a full, happy life. For instance, a testimonial could mention:

  • How community activities have encouraged the resident to try new things and experience new adventures.

  • How a resident found a network of friends who have greatly improved their sense of wellbeing.

  • How a resident has become more outgoing and self assured through Supportive Living.

  • How friendly competitions such as Wii bowling or trivia give the resident something to look forward to.

  • How family is at ease knowing the resident is surrounded by friends and a necessary support system.

 Each entry will be limited to 50 words or less.  All entries should be accompanied by a photo of individual in testimonial.

Winning entries from both the photo and testimonial contests will be awarded cash donations to sponsor resident or employee activities at the Supportive Living communities they represent!

First Place: $200 cash donation
Second Place: $100 cash donation
Third Place: $50 cash donation
Important Note:
All communities submitting entries acknowledge they have a signed waiver on file at their facility stating that the resident agrees to have their photo and/or testimonial entered into the contest and understands it may be used for promotional purposes by AALC on the website, Facebook and in promotional/collateral materials.


2018 Photo Contest Winners

Contest 8.jpeg

1st Place: “Loving with Granny” 
St Francis Woods

Contest 9.jpeg

2nd Place: “Nice Catch!” 
Magnolia Terrace Senior Living

Contest 10.jpeg

3rd Place: “Feel the Rhythm!”
Alexian Village Elk Grove


2018 Testimonial Contest Winners

Nancy Hall.jpg

1st Place -
Nancy Hall - Heritage Woods of Watseka

I  love  living  on  my  own  at  Heritage  Woods,  there  is  so  many  things  to  do,  plus  I  have  my  own  apartment.  Since  moving  to  Heritage  Woods  I  have  been  able  to  use  the  transportation  and  go  many  places  on  my  own  or  with  the  activity  department,  I  love  the  freedom  that I  have  here!

Art Lingenfelter.jpg

2nd Place - $100 Prize
Art Lingenfelter – Gateway at River City
I  really  enjoy  living  here  at  Gateway  at  River  City.  I  am  free  from  isolation  and  loneliness.  When  I  lived  at  the  nursing  home,  it  felt  like  no  one  cared  or  had  time  to  just  talk  but  here  at  Gateway  I  feel  like  I  am  family.  The  Staff  and residents  are  never  too  busy  to  talk  and  now  I  know  how  it  feels  to  be  loved.  I  no  longer  have  the  fear  of  being  alone  and  isolated.  I  have  a  family  I  can  go  on  outings  with,  play  cards  with  or  just  sit  around  talking  and  laughing.  Gateway  has  given  me  freedom  to  be  me,  to  love  and  to  be  treated  as  a  human  being instead  of  a  castaway.  I am  overwhelmingly  happy  with  my  life  at  Gateway  at  River  City.   

Eva Buis.jpg

3rd Place 
Eva Buis– Heritage Woods of Manteno
Having  planned  activities  has  given  me  the  opportunity  to  share  new  experiences  with  people  who  have  the  same  interests.    It  is  fun  to  go  places  that  I  might  not  have  had  a  chance  to  see  and  gives  me  something  I  look  forward  to  doing. 
My family is very happy with my new home and the care I am receiving. They feel at ease knowing I am safe, taking my medications on time, eating healthy meals, and making new friends. They enjoy visiting.


This contest would not be possible without the support of our sponsors. Thank you Sponsors!